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Spark Patient Engagement With Digital Health Coaching Programs

Digital Health Coaching, conveniently offered online, is designed to deliver highly personalized, insight-driven behavior change programs to help your members better focus on their health and well-being. A great addition to your existing disease management or wellness programs, Digital Health Coaching can help motivate your member population, encouraging them to become more engaged with their health and their life. With periodic check-ins, these coaching programs are designed to encourage long-term engagement and participation. Furthermore, providing such valuable resources like these programs to your member population could result in members having increased satisfaction with your overall health plan and offerings.

Similar Digital Health Coaching programs have been the primary web-based component of population health programs that have been shown to:

  • Help reduce average medical costs for patients with chronic conditions by $757 per member, per year1*

  • Reduce annual claims costs by $350 per year for participants2

CarePath Healthy Engagements is pleased to offer you valuable access to Digital Health Coaching programs

My CarePath for a Healthier Body—A program designed to help your patients manage their weight, eat healthier, and be active.

My CarePath for Living Well—A program specifically designed to help your patients learn the skills needed to better manage their chronic condition.

My CarePath for Diabetes—A program specially designed to help your patients better manage their type 2 diabetes.